Sunday, 17 February 2013


Out looking for owls early paid off with 2 Barn Owls hunting the road side verge between the A45 junction and Sawbridge. At least 6 Buzzards in the valley along with 10 Tree Sparrow on the Baseley Smallholding feeders and a further 50 nearby along with 50 Yellowhammer and a Sparrowhawk.
Met up with Colin at the Long Itch diner then went to Bagington Airport where he had found a large finch flock containing at least 80 Brambling earlier. The flock had separated and was spread out but managed at least 200 Brambling and 300 Linnets in fields opposite where they are storing railway stock.

Long-tailed Tit, Nuthatch & Marsh Tit Cathiron by Bob and April Hazel.

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