Sunday, 9 February 2014

Red Flanked Bluetail

Following the Hume’s Leaf Warbler a Red-flanked Bluetail turned up in Gloucestershire near Marshfield while I was in Holland so this morning was our first opportunity to try to add it to my midlands list (counties attached to the West Midlands Club recording area). We entered the shire valley along the Broadmead Brook with it being very soggy underfoot and pissing down with rain to the news that it had not been seen. Unfortunately I went tits up and ended up covered in mud from head to toe and as I sheepishly moved away from those amused at my misfortune I heard the bird calling in a nearby bush and was treated with the rest of those present to the bird sitting quietly for over ten minutes, fantastic views. Many thanks to Dave for ignoring my state and not making a fuss as I covered the inside of his car with dripping mud. Only other bird of note was a Red Kite over Fossebridge.

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