Saturday, 19 May 2012

Wood Sandpiper & Orchids

Another dull morning with rain so decided to visit the WWT Draycote Meadows (SSSI) reserve where the Green-winged Orchids were out if a little damp before visiting Brandon Marsh for the wildflower plant sale. On our way Terry rang to say a Wood Sandpiper was there so on arrival we went straight to Teal Pool where the bird was showing. Unfortunately we followed the noisiest birder I have ever met in to the hide – clumsy as hell and making a right racket setting up his gear so we cleared off to the East Marsh Hide but he followed us in and repeated his antics so Dave dragged me out before I said something.

1 comment:

  1. So pleased to have tracked you down to your new home Richard and a very nice new home it is too. I understand the reasons for the move but must admit I will always think of you as 'One Man' I shall amend your site on my blog's sidebar.

    Lovely to see the Orchid.