Monday, 1 October 2012

all's well on Planet Richard

I was in the garden observing the full moon as dawn broke thinking conditions could be good for visible migration when the space shed appeared low over the south western horizon as she headed towards Spain in a NW to SW heading for Tunisia. This pass had been described as barely visible by NASA so had not bothered to give anyone a heads up. She disappeared out of view somewhere over the Med.
Having decided to get dressed!! I checked me trap and YIPPEE a Merveille du Jour was present, I might be having a bad mothing year but at least my most favourite moth has made the effort. In between bouts of domestics I kept an eye on the sky managing a trickle of Chaffinch, Siskin, Wagtails and Mipits going south plus a flock of 6 Jays. My local Jays s don’t normally fly high and this lot were heading south west purposefully so I presume them to be migrants (3 were at the pond this afternoon and they have been more noticeable for nearly a week there)
Bob came round to photograph “Merve” then we potted off to clear down Dave’s trap and he had Sallow and Pink-barred Sallow so at least there are some pretty ones are about.
Merveille du Jour 


Pink-barred Sallow

Moon by John Judge

The full moon is showing well tonight which gives me a chance to publish a photo JJ sent me recently, most remarkable thing about the image is that its hand held and not digiscoped and taken with the new Canon SX40 HS Bridge Camera. I’m certainly impressed with some of his bird images as well so looks like I'm putting my sisters up for sale again-bless.

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