Wednesday, 9 January 2013


With both my surgeon and warden denying me access to the countryside my latest illness is driving me nuts. Some unknown virus is taking great joy at sapping my energy levels so when I do get out I only last an hour before curling up in a heap begging to be taken back to my cell.
Luckily Bob has been keeping up to speed on the pond though I wouldn’t have enjoyed today’s weather where blue sky’s belied the reality of thick fog making for a frustrating visit. Luckily it managed to clear briefly for a decent shot of the male Smew.

On the plus side I have had a decent run of moths in this mild spell resulting in Mottled Umber, Chestnut, Dark Chestnut, Winter Moth, Early Moth and Emmelina monodactyla being recorded in my trap though tonight’s cold spell will put paid to any hoped for additions.

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