Friday, 2 August 2013

July Moths - Kingfisher

A record 4,791 moths from 1308 records were captured in my home traps in July adding 3 macro and 10 micro moths to my garden list bringing it up to a respectable 578 species since August 2005. With so many moths around the traps also produced 22 second and 11 third only records. I recorded over 200 moth species averaging just under 150 moths a night. Still to do Dave's records but I'm sure his results will be better than mine - lets hope it continues in to August.
Lunar-spotted Pinion

Old Lady

1403a Duponchelia fovealis this one took hours to identify
all pics by Bob Hazel

A short walk around Brandon Marsh at mid-day did not produce much with the rising water levels but prolonged views of Kingfisher was welcome. Plenty of Damsel and Dragonflys around.

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