Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The patch is improving

My computer is slowly dying and does not always listening to my pleas to work so may be off-line soon for a while I make me mind up what to replace it with.

Birding locally has picked up in recent days with Turnstone, Dunlin, 5 adult and 2 second year Yellow-legged Gulls at the pond on Sunday morning, Osprey and Black Tern yesterday afternoon while today there were 5 Ringed Plover, Dunlin, 4 Common Tern, 50+ Swift and adult Yellow-legged Gull.

Still hundreds of Large White butterflies in the Cathiron area along with good numbers of Peacock and 20+ Silver Y’s when we looked at Oliver Cromwell going north again. Dave had 6 Comma butterflies in his garden this morning while we were clearing down his trap and I am getting a few Vapourer moths visiting mine.

Dave ended July with over 220 moth species trapped from over 5000 moths and his garden list just keeps growing with it now on 322 Macros and 321 micro species from 108,000 moths trapped since August 2005. I had just completed his records when he caught number 644.
Bordered Sallow


  1. Hi Richard. Glad to see you are still getting out. Lost you after you stopped One man and his pond as I lost all my emails in one fell swoop too. Since the Day I borrowed that 50p form you for the car park and you showed me that Moth ( A Flounced Rustic I think it was I have slowly been chasing them more. I now am the proud owner of my own Trap lol. I also have just started a Blog if you would care to take a look, I have a few Moths on there. Dick Jones


  2. Hi Jonesboy
    Thanks for contacting - good to hear from you and if you need any moths id e-mail me richard.mays2@btinternet.com. Doing OK since my heart event and just need to save some pennies for a new computer. This one has become unpredictable - first time its worked in since mid august