Saturday, 9 June 2012

Railfest 2012

Me and the driblets (Dave, Colin and Terry) put on our best anoraks for a day out at the Railfest 2012 being held at the National Railway Museum in York. A most enjoyable day being well organized, well attended (this was day 8 and thousands present) interesting exhibits and plenty food and drink when required. Only marred by the odd shower and one or two of the engines not exhibited with photographers in mind so apologies for the odd angles and unsightly furniture.
(1) SR 'V' 4-4-0 No 925 Cheltenham, (2) GWR 'City' 4-4-0 No City of Truro, (3&4) LNER 'A4' 4-6-2 No 4468 Mallard, (5) LNER 'A3' 4-6-2 No 4472 Flying Scotsman in war time livery, (6&7) GWR 'Hall' 4-6-0 No 5972 Olton Hall though in its makeover as Hogwarts Castle for the Harry Potter films, (8) LMS 'Princess Royal 4-6-2 No 6201 Princess Elizabeth up nice and close, (9) LMS'Princess Coronation'4-6-2 No 6229 Duchess of Hamilton, (10) shame they dont have a train called meat eater.

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