Monday, 11 March 2013

Black Redstart

Finally caught up with the female Black Redstart at Draycote Water which was present for its third day but Jesus h Christ it was cold with a bitterly east/north east wind that got through what or how many layers you had on. Additional birds include a juvenile Glaucous Gull loafing around the reservoir or adjacent fields, Raven, male Smew, 2 Buzzard, Grey Wagtail and 2 Tree Sparrow.
In the Grandborough Valley a female Stonechat was on the western hedgerow of Cym and Dave’s smallholding between hectors house and the caravan, 11 Tree Sparrow around the feeders and 2 Golden Plover over.
Black Redstart by Bob Hazel

Hopefully we will have some clear evening skies soon which just might give us the chance to see a naked eye comet this month. Through mid to late March Comet panSTARRS makes its appearance known. After gracing the skies of our friends in the south, now it’s our turn here in the northern hemisphere to see this icy traveller in the early evening skies.
You have to be looking at the right time though, with an unobstructed horizon. Look west after sunset when the sky is just dark enough, but leave it too long and the comet will be too low down to the horizon. Also remember that this object isn't the brightest of comets. 

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