Sunday, 31 March 2013

Nene Washes

Dave, Colin and I decided on an early start on the Nene Washes and was not disappointed with a varied mixture of species despite being -5c overnight. We started at Eldernell with a walk out to Lord Holts Wood then a visit to the Big Chill before working March Farmers and the area between Dog in a Doublet and Flag Fen. Despite the cold start it was a pleasant morning as the wind was light with sunny periods, good visibility and with the Wash well flooded there was plenty to keep you occupied.

Marsh Harrier: at least 4 at Eldernell, one at Big Chill, 2 March Farmers and one Flag Fen
Buzzard: single March Farmers
Red Kite: 2 over Bishop’s Farm just after we had left March Farmers on the A605 and a few seen on the way home.
Peregrine: one flew over on our arrival at Eldernell
Little Egret: one near the sluice, Dog in a Doublet.
Great White Egret: 3 birds that could only be this species based on size seen distantly from March Farmers towards Kingsland flying south off the Wash but lost to view over the A605.
Crane: one flew along Mortons Leam and seen from the A605 heading east, another or same bird flew low over car just as we were leaving March Farmers and landed in field.
Bittern: one boomed several times near Eldernell
Whooper Swan: at least 17 on March Farmers towards Ring End, at least one at Eldernell and others heard.
Bewick’s Swan: one definite adult with Mute Swans near Eldernell and a couple of other possibilities not confirmed due to heat haze.
Snipe: 10+
Black-tailed Godwit: 400+ lord Holts Wood, Iclandic race
Oystercatcher: 8 on March farmer and 3 at Eldernell
Plenty of duck present with thousands of Wigeon and Teal along with hundreds of Pintail and Shoveler and smaller numbers of Pochard and Gadwall.
Brambling and Siskin at Eldernell
Nene Washes at Eldernell looking north from car park

Distant views towards March Farmers caption

March Farmers looking east

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